Open Mic Cafe with Aftab Iqbal | Episode 136 | 19 April 2021 | GWAI

تم نشره في 2021/04/19
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The trendsetters are back with a variety of content fully loaded with information and humor. Catch Aftab Iqbal and his hilarious team only on Gupshup with Aftab Iqbal.
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Aftab Iqbal, best known as the original host of Hasb e Haal, Khabarnaak, Khabardar and Khabarzar has launched his own AR-one channel for his fans. The "GWAI" channel will go with behind the scenes, new content, unlike anything that can be seen on normal television. We need your help to develop this special AR-one channel tailored to our fans that will feature new, never-before-seen content, unlike anything that has ever existed on Pakistani television. You will find exclusive content produced by the talented Aftab Iqbal only on this channel.
Aftab Iqbal is a popular host, director, and producer of content in Pakistan. He revolutionized the TV show industry by introducing theater performers on to his television programs. His topics cover several subjects related to both Pakistan and Islam. This includes comedy, drama, politics, news, history, arts, literature, sports, and more. He has been on numerous channels including currently on Neo TV, but also Geo TV, Dunya TV, Express News and Aap News. He has produced television content for many years. This new channel will have many different shows on many different subjects.
Aftab Iqbal is also a noted journalist who writes for numerous English-Language and Urdu-Language publications including the English The News International and Newsweek Pakistan as well as the Urdu-language Nawa-i-Waqt. He graduated with a master's degree from the Government College University in Lahore in 1985 and studied media at San Jose State University in California in 1986. From 1994 to 1995, Aftab Iqbal even served as media adviser to the Chief Minister of Punjab. He brings his experience and broad breadth of knowledge to the table.
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  • Sir I don't found your app on play store Please mention link of application

  • Ads bohat ayti hen ap k program me

  • یہ بہت ہی نیک اور احسن اقدام ھے۔ اللہ پاک آپ کو کامیاب فرمائے۔ آمین 🤲

  • I am offering my services on FOC basis as volunteer for Aftab Iqbal Trust if you needed please let me know I am from Lahore and doing job in a private company.

  • Aftab the BIGGEST and MOST important step that if you think you can do and I trust you that you can do is that make quality education available to everyone in Pakistan. Our education system is so so poor that during the last 100 years we were not able to produce a single great scientific mind. Aftab you yourself got so famous when you used the tools like research and deep reading and analysis in your programs. Aftab our nation needs quality education like that of Cambridge education system as our Punjab or Sindh board student cannot compete with those students who study the Cambridge education system . Health , Jobs and all other areas are also important but if you think deeply then you will realize that our main and MOST IMPORANT issue is the quality education. Aftab Israel , Singapore, Honk Kong, Taiwan and South Korea have the best and quality education system in the World and you can see the results. All these countries that I have just mentioned do not have good agriculture land but based on their quality and skilled human resources all these countries GDP is very strong and their economies are viable. I still remember that few years ago when Pakistan tried to change the education system then the most notorious organization named "Jamaat-i-Islami" and other religious organizations interfered and they made a campaign that they will NOT allow the Pakistani education system to change , why ? because this stupid education system with indoctrination is more suitable to them. Aftab you have to do something for the education of Pakistan as you have a strong voice, I will also suggest you to go the rural and most poorest areas of Punjab, Sindh, KPK, Baluchistan and Gilgit and see the quality of books and quality of teachers there and you will cry everyday that what the hell is going on there. There are many poor Government schools where there is NO Mathematics teacher and the quality of those teachers is also very poor . Aftab we need to change the contents of our schools and make them as par with Cambridge but for this we need will, support and finance and if Aftab somehow you helped Pakistan change the education standard and contents then NO power on earth could stop our progress. Regards

  • Sir plz do a show on pakistan helping india in covid whereas earlier india refused to provide us with vaccine

  • Sir can we also donate for poor through your AFTAB IQBAL TRUST Application? Please add something like that on your app too

  • Daahi Baraay

  • Ok my bad mn poori bat suny bgair comment kr diya.. By the way i am desperately waiting for the launching of your app.. ALLAH is naik initiative main apki madad frmayn...

  • Sir your application isn't available at play store. U should give a link in description so that it could be more easy for us to reach to you. Thank you!

  • Allah aap ko is maksad mein b kamyaab kare

  • Aftab Sahib - main aur mera dost mil kay Mental Health Telly Health pay already kaam karahay hain sath sath Education pay bhee karahay hain. Aap apna contact number dain hum aap say discuss karna chatay hain

  • M Ibrahim Memon hala new sindh

  • Allah pak iss project ko kamyab kre, iss ka injam bhe, animated film, feature film aur media university wala na ho, yeh bhe tu Aap k he projects they, warna log tu kehen ge, " baten hein baton ka kia"

  • ਜ਼ਿੰਦਾਬਾਦ F J ਅਤੇ ਇਕਬਾਲ ਜ਼ਿੰਦਾਬਾਦ ਤੁਸੀਂ ਬਹੁਤ ਵਧਿਆ ਕੰਮ ਕਰ ਰਹੇ ਹੋ ਦਪਿੰਦਰ ਸਿੰਘ। ਸਰੀ ਕਨੇਡਾ🇨🇦

  • I'm mohsin mumtaz working as visiting Lecturer Agri Uni Multan and university of Education Multan Campus.. I need some help.. I need to raise an issue.. Kindly do consider my comment.. Thanks

  • Congratulate sir...

  • You are right, It's cotivational respelling of (kotivational), as koti means Crore , so professional motivators are kotivational as they want to make crores for giving motivational speech.

  • Kindly respond on application

  • Fake application

  • It's applications an scam

  • No response from this application this is fake

  • اور ایک بات اور میں آپکی App کا ضلع نارووال شکرگڑھ کا نمائندہ ہوں آج سے ہی.

  • آفتاب اقبال صاحب میں 2010 سے لے کر آج تک آپکا پروگرام ریگولر بنیادوں پر دیکھ رہا ہوں اور اب تو یہ شو گھریلو شو ہی لگتا ہے. آپکی App کا سن کر بہت خوشی ہوئی اور ہر ضلع میں ایک نمائندہ کا سن کر اس سے بھی زیادہ خوشی ہوئی. میں ضلع نارووال شکرگڑھ کا رہائشی ہوں. تحصیل شکرگڑھ میں تعلیم کی ریشو پورے پاکستان کی تحصیلوں میں سے سب سے زیادہ ہے اور بہت سے بچے پیسے نہ ہونے کی وجہ سے پڑھ بھی نہیں سکتے. لہذا ضلع نارووال میں میرے جیسے پڑھے لکھے باصلاحیت لوگوں جیسوں کا اس App کی کامیابی کیلئے بہت بڑا ہاتھ ہوگا انشاءاللہ.

  • aftab iqbal doesn't let anybody talk, he wants to dominant the mic and camera, his researcher was starting to talk and he overtook him, why do you call them in your show when you wanted to talk about all the research work they do, and let them be puppets.

  • WaalikumSalaam sir & all people

  • Well done sir 👍

  • JAZAKALLAH Aftab Sb. I request you to share SAWAB with others. I know when you will start this trust. You can't imagine, more thn 500,000 students will apply. It's good if people want to donate. Pakistanis love charity. We are just waiting an honest and orgnaized person like you. I hope you will notice me. Love and respect for you.

  • Aftab Iqbal sahab aik acha initiative liya hai god bless you and your family.💓💓💓💞🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰

  • is trha ka different kam ham china me pakistani kr rhe, har mahenay ham na aik group bnaya hua 100yuan har member pay krta hay or har mahenay ham 3,4 member ki committee nikaltay or jis member ki committtee nikalti woh apnay area pakistan me kisi zaroratmand banday ko small bussniness start kratay, na paisay detay na rashan detay ,bussiness start kratay ta ka woh phr khud kamanay lag gae

  • Salam Aftab Iqbal Sahib, May ALLAH bless you and your family. Very good move to Contribute your share Best Wishes Ishtiaq Ahmed Khan London

  • سر اگر یہ ایپ سچ میں بے سہاروں کو لیگل ایڈوائز اور ایڈ دے گی تو یہ قوم کو آپ کے نام کے ساتھ رحمتاللّٰہ لکھے گی

  • Career counseling for students can be game changer for Pakistan.May every success attend you life.

  • Allah pak ap ko kamyab karay ameeeeen Love FORM KSA

  • I'm a Doctor by profession. Doing Gastroenterology /Hepatology. I'm available free of cost for this cause

  • great, Initiative

  • اور کیسے پتہ چلے گا کہ کب لانچ ھوگی

  • اسلام وعلیکم ۔سر بہت اچھا کام ہے سر یہ ایپ کب تک آنی ہے ۔ہم جیسوں کو بہت ضرورت ہے ایسی ایپ کی

  • Great shows as ever but want break that bhajay wali sarkar always saying "Tabdeeli kidar hai". So here is : Top criminals behind the bar or absconders now. No corruption at top level, development funds spent on projects we expect. Sehat card for all KP and now Punjab etc. KPK has got new universities and hospitals , google it please. Punjab new hospitals and universities. New roads where these are needed not for personal promotions. Housing schemes for poor. Ehsas for really poor, mobile food vans for poor, monthly stipends for poor. Now economy, back up from bankruptcy to real growth despite COVID, current account surplus, more exports. Olives plantation, billion tree s planted not on paper but in reality, see Al Jazeera report about it. Dams being constructed, CPEC ongoing. There are lots I can write here but please do not issue blank statement. New Pakistan did not mean you would get all cheap but Pakistan set in right direction.

  • I searched for this app but can't find it sir...

  • اے خوش نصیب اس ماہ رمضان کو اپنی گرفت میں کر لے ہے کس کو خبر کل کی یہ ساعت سعید پھر ملے نہ ملے فقر کی چادر اوڑھ اور صدق دل سے توبہ کر لے دل سے پکار اللہ کو اپنے اور اس سے فریاد کر لے دیدار کو جب دل تڑپے کثرت سے لیل و قیام کر لے یہی شان ہے مومن کی جب چاہے رب سے کلام کر لے

  • as always, Aftab Iqbal never cease to amaze and inspire. I wish you all the best and offer my help (whatever that may be) as an overseas Pakistani. And sorry to say, APNA is just another money making venture by some very rich medicine men in north America.

  • Great initiative Aftab iqbal sir, Allah is program ko kamyab kare ameen, or iska ajar de

  • Stay blessed. Great thinking

  • Very good way to celebrate Ramadan

  • Ali awais Moula aap ko slamat rakhy

  • Don’t refuse donations some people have money to help someone but they don’t know how to do that some have no time if people want to share you join maybe more get benefits. Help the people allah taala help you inshallah

  • Plz vvv good app I welcome to you and yours honourable friends plz

  • Sir ye app kaha se download krni hy??


  • ❤️❤️

  • Kya aftab iqbal sahib ya comment dykty han agr dykty han to my un sy 1 guzarish krna chata hun k har distric my A.C aur D.C k roll pa program banaya aur aur un k bary my tora avernus phlayan q k bhut sy Kam han Jo un k zimy han aur o nhi krty myri guzarish hy k tora sa is bary my b visal blowing karan

  • مجھے بارہا یہ کہنے میں کوئی عار نہیں کہOpen Mic Cafe آس وقت معیاری گفتگو کا سب سے بہترین پلیٹ فارم ہے آفتاب صاحب اؤر خاص کر FSJ کی گفتگو کا معیار بہت ہی بعمدہ اور نتائج آور ہے خوشی ہوگی کہ آس کا دورانیہ بھی بڑھ جائے

  • I am desperately waiting for AIT and i hope and pray to Allah that this platform will bring my life on track !

  • Aftab Sir ! Faisal Sir ! I am in Desperate Need of your Help ! Coz i tried everything! I won the case against the UNIVERSITY through HIGH COURT ! I cannot afford lawyers anymore to go to SUPREME COURT! Coz i had to do other things just to manage lawyers fees ! I have completed MBBS in 2018 and still haven’t got Degree till 2021 ! But the system and u know how it works i am just a small dot in the system ! There’s no platform for me to be listened to ! Health wise i am depressed! Legally i am poor to afford lawyers ! Coz i am suffering the brutality of the Medical education system ! I am being crushed in between University Rules ! PMDC Rules ! Now Newly made PMC rules ! I have done MBBS ! But haven’t got the degree coz the controlling bodies of Medical Education aren’t even clear about their own laws and rules ! But what’s my mistake I passed all professional exams 1st year to Final Year ! And then fought for my degree in high court won the case and now being asked to go to Supreme Court if i want the degree ! I am mentally physically spiritually financially abused by my own country system ! For Survival and to support my family i am doing construction work just to survive ! For my passion which is Medicine i am still keeping myself sane and i do social work i help ppl guide them in hospitals and also ppl who get sick in family i guide them all the way stay with them in hospitals guide them through the treatments which Doctors prescribe them .. But day by day i am loosing hope coz its been 3 years i am struggling for my degree and no one even want to listen to me they just say go to Supreme court even though we know u passed all your exams ! I hope this comment will be read ! I hope AIT app will atleast forward my problem hopefully i will get my basic STUDENT AND HUMAN Right !

  • Very good aftab sahib Allah bless you

  • Best of luck 👍✨💓

  • Lala performed nice as Bachan

  • Allah apko Kamyab kry Ustaz G ..😇

  • Love you sir g jazakAllah

  • Sir allah pak ap ko slaamt rakhy

  • Aftab Sahab my name is Azhar Ali Shaikh, i am from Karachi, one of the biggest fan of you, i am a practicing Advocate in Karachi and it is hounor for me that i provide service for your app

  • اللہ تعالیٰ آپ کی مدد فرماے آمین

  • As Amitabh was good

  • Mashallah. May Allah help u Aftab Sir in your good efforts. Ameen!

  • FSJ Sahab FB page ka link discruption me de konsa page hay wakeel online ka

  • Sir I have suggestion I commented before but haven't got reply

  • Mashallah buhat acha kam hai. Allah mazeed kamyabia de ameen

  • I may b a member of ur education team

  • I m a veterinarian .i want to join your team i m government officer working in vaccine production .i may help poor farmers through ur plate form

  • Nayab miss you

  • Good show

  • Main to kab se bol rhaa hun k apko practically bhe krna hoga kuch

  • Sir mujhy plz apni team main shaamil kren main baghair kisi paison k 24 hour ap k liye kaam kr sakta hn sir plz plz 🙏 main apni jawani pakistan k naam krta hun bss mujhy kisi leader ki zrurat hai jo k meri majboori hai mera mind ghulaami ka qaail ho chuka hai so mujhy plz apny sath mila len

  • Sir app ko kahan sy download kren

  • FSJ u too good

  • 🍀 🇳❤️🇮🌷🇨❤️🇪🍀 🌼💞🌼🍀333🍀🌼💞🌼

  • I love aftab iqbal I pray for u Allah blessed u

  • I 've a lot more to share with you but i don't know weather my comments will be read or not . so There should be any other way to contact and share our seggestiona and questions

  • Best wishes for your new project Aftab Sir and Ali awais bro you are doing a great job MashaAllah keep it up👍💟 Khawja Ghulam Farid ki mithri saraiki is just love , I've alwaya aspired that you people should include his kalam in your shows . so thanks for this. Now i wish for the inclusion of some persian and udru classic poetry in your shows.

  • Please help me

  • Sir I really need a job

  • Aah Mansoor sahab indeed a great loss for you and the team. He will alwaya be missed . may Allah (swt ) bless him with high ranks in Jannah. RIP💔

  • Sir ALLAH pak ap k or ap ki family k darjat buld kry ap ko bht taraki dy. Sir ak din ap sy istafada zaroor karyn gye. IN SHA ALLAH

  • Amor desde barcelona

  • I can't find the app? Please send link

  • ❤❤❤❤❤❤👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • We really love Sir Aftab Iqbal And Sir Faisal Sher Jan. Thank you so much

  • Congratulations aftab Iqbal sahab ماشاءاللہ۔،🤲

  • Appreciated

  • Sir g mn apka bohat bara fan hon mn ne kabi b koi program tawatar se nhi dekha lejin apka program regular dekhta hon woh b sirf net pe qn k hamare han tv pe pabandi hy

  • Most popular show in sikh community as well

  • Aftab sb I want to draw your kind attention towards bank employees which are facing many employement problems. Bank senior managment suck their blood full day and upon end of year at time of appraisals buged of salaries divids in among big fishes i request please project some light on their corruption.

  • Sir plz help us plzzzzz takay hmsre roźe he aram se guzar jay plz read my msg

  • Sir hm lahore se ha karaydar ha kam bht kum ha aj kal plz help us

  • جزاک اللہ خیر کثیر۔ 👍❤️😊

  • امید ہے یہ ایپ منجن نہیں ہو گی 😐

  • تین سال ہوگئے ہیں میں این جیو کے دھکے کھا رہا ہوں

  • سر ہمارے صنعتی کار پر جو پیسے آتے ہیں وہ ہمیں نہیں ملے ابھی تک

  • ہم لوگوں گا اچھا روزگار لگ جائے گا