Khabardar main honay wali galtiyan | Khabardar Bloopers | Aftab Iqbal | GWAI

تم نشره في 2021/05/ 3
We are here with more bloopers of your favorite show Khabardar with Aftab Iqbal. Watch and enjoy.
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Aftab Iqbal, best known as the original host of Hasb e Haal, Khabarnaak, Khabardar, Khabaryar and Khabarzar has launched his own AR-one channel for his fans. The "GWAI" channel will go with behind the scenes, new content, unlike anything that can be seen on normal television. We need your help to develop this special AR-one channel tailored to our fans that will feature new, never-before-seen content, unlike anything that has ever existed on Pakistani television. You will find exclusive content produced by the talented Aftab Iqbal only on this channel.
Aftab Iqbal is a popular host, director, and producer of content in Pakistan. He revolutionized the TV show industry by introducing theater performers on to his television programs. His topics cover several subjects related to both Pakistan and Islam. This includes comedy, drama, politics, news, history, arts, literature, sports, and more. He has been on numerous channels including currently on Neo TV, but also Geo TV, Dunya TV, Express News and Aap News. He has produced television content for many years. This new channel will have many different shows on many different subjects.
Aftab Iqbal is also a noted journalist who writes for numerous English-Language and Urdu-Language publications including the English The News International and Newsweek Pakistan as well as the Urdu-language Nawa-i-Waqt. He graduated with a master's degree from the Government College University in Lahore in 1985 and studied media at San Jose State University in California in 1986. From 1994 to 1995, Aftab Iqbal even served as media adviser to the Chief Minister of Punjab. He brings his experience and broad breadth of knowledge to the table
Khabardar with Aftab Iqbal 30 april 2021


  • کاش ایسی سہولت مجھے بھی میسر آجائے کہ پوں پاں دھواں شواں سب سے دور بہت دور۔

  • Blooper serf wo dkhay ja rhy jis mein aftab iqbal ki shokia han... Aftab apni treefo k elawa kuch pasnd nai krta

  • ٹیم سے گزارش ہے کہ اندر کی باتیں مت کیا کریں کیونکہ جب لوگ اندر کی باتیں جانے لگیں گے تو شو میں ان کا دلچسپی کم ہونے لگے گی

  • ads after every single minute ruin all the taste of show, extremely annoying indeed. i used to watch this show during my every single meal, but just because of too many annoying ads, now i prefer shows of some other channels. @Aftab Iqbal, if it continues like this, you will loose pretty much of your audience.

  • huzoor mera qarar aapse hai...... gwaayein apne show mein.........aftab g

  • 🌷❤️🌷

  • Zafri Khan acting is not impressed...????

  • This is called double dipping

  • Rapeat again and again

  • Repeatedly content

  • Ghost Town Calgary to Banff.

  • Zbrdst yar awesome

  • ہم آپ کی اس بات سے اتفاق نہیں کرتے کے PTV کے ڈرامے اچھے نہیں ہوتے تھے PTV کے پرانے ڈراموں کو لوگ آج بھی یاد کرتے ہیں آج کل کے ڈراموں میں سوائے بغیرتی کے علاوہ کچھ نہیں ہے ایسے گھٹیا ڈرامے جو بندہ اپنی فیملی کے ساتھ بیٹھ کر نہیں دیکھ سکتا PTV پر جب ڈرامہ لگتا تھا تو سڑکیں اور گلیاں ویران ہو جاتی تھی

  • کس کس کو نبی آخری زمان جناب حضرت سیدنا مصطفیٰ محمد صلی اللہ علیہ والہ و سلم کا امتی ہونے پر فخر ہے.

    • @Esta Starchman definitely, been using Flixzone for years myself :D

    • A trick: you can watch movies on flixzone. Me and my gf have been using them for watching loads of movies during the lockdown.

  • Open mic cafe kahan ajka??

  • Wonderful

  • Ptv k porny darmy .. sall phely waly very goog jab pakistan mn zadia tr rangeen tv ni ay thy os waqt ky bhoot achy darmy thy

  • Hollywod and bollywod.. Ko pechy chor dia ha turky ky ectar ny

  • Bloopers are superub 😂😂

  • aftab sb u are a kind person but some time you its seems that you are the support of pti hardly.

  • missing yousaf raza gilani act.

  • There should be full episode of bloopers

  • good, but only bloopers would be more interesting, without the entire segment.... for segments other usual uploads are excellent.

  • Aftaq iqbal embarrassing his colleague is not fun at all now its irritating rather

  • Honey albela bht meesna admi hae ussey naa dikhaya kro..

  • Good video

  • The only fun remain now in this show bloopers 😂

  • Same bloopers main program k last mn bhi aur idhr bhi , content khtm hogia kia ??

  • Aftab Iqbal is a great person he is educating people through entertainment and producing ideological content

  • ''Ya chal bedhangi si Jo phele thi so Ab bhi ha''

  • Artists r good,Aftab is fool

  • ''Ae Kainat k vulgar insan'' made me laugh so hard

  • Nice 👍

  • ''Bande da puttar ban'' Aftab sir is great!

  • Sar Honey Albela Kyon Nahin a Raha Uska Bhi Lekar 500 Mein please Anil Bhale ko Lekar Aaye Aur Khan brother episode Karen

  • Mera Naam Muhammad Waqas hai main Lahore Ravi Road ka Rahane wala hun minare Pakistan ke bilkul Samne Mera Ghar Hai Aur Sar please on brother episode Karen

  • Sar Khan brother Kareena Khan brother episode kis din karna Abdul Khan brother Karen please

  • Kasye hia ap thek hia blpor 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Very nice very funny 👍👍👍👍🚽👌👌 excellent show

  • Very nice

  • پی ٹی وی ڈرامہ کو بکواس وہ کہہ رہا ہے جس دنیا بھر کے کنجروں کو ٹی وی سکرین کی زینت بنایادیا ۔ آفرین ہے

  • aman ullah sahab k bad agr koi achi comedy krta h to saleen sahab hn

  • Thanks for sharing

  • ABDUL GHAFAR ch KSA good ok

  • bloopers are superb and very entertaining

  • ڈھیر سارے بلوپرز دیا کریں ۔۔ بلکہ ایک ایک پروگرام کے سارے مکمل بلوپرز دیا کریں ۔۔ شکریہ

  • Hahhahahaha chas aa gaye😂😂😅

  • 😂😂😂😂

  • your show is awesome but these bloopers are icing on the cake. really love your show and wants every day to watch. please do 7 episodes a week of khabardar. nothing is left on tv or youtube to watch except your shows. we really want to go to Pakistan and join your show. more blessing from your fans.

  • So funny

  • Asif Jaah wali episode kab aai thi mujhe to nahi yaad 🤔

  • Sir Allah Apko humesha kamyab kry

  • Hahahaha

  • sir aap bloopers na chalain aap ki tecnique copy ho rahi hain

  • Love Watching Bloopers

  • Babu Rana good fan

  • Mubeen gabol... All characters are very good,superb ,funny and high class. Specially Zardari and gillani Aftab sahib shaid ap hamare ye comments na parhte hon lekin meri ye rai hai Main apka bohat bara fan hon jese log shahrukh hai. Main apka hun

  • Mubeen gabol... All characters are very good,superb ,funny and high class. Specially Zardari and gillani Aftab sahib shaid ap hamare ye comments na parhte hon lekin meri ye rai hai Main apka bohat bara fan hon jese log shahrukh hai. Main apka hun

  • Reschedule this time

  • Aftaar k time

  • Koi bat ni galtiyn b Insan sy hi hoti ha Aftab Iqbal sir best of luck God bless you dear 🤲

  • 🤣😂wa

  • Amazing sir aftab iqbal ap ne honey albela Saleem albela Agha majid k bagher bhi show ko zinda bhi rakha aur intrest kam nhi hony dia Babu rana And mubeen are two major comedian and also first Iqbal sahb you

  • Nice

  • Kabhi kabhi ese lgta hai aap bloopers bhi script ke according bnaa rhe ho... Please don't act🙏🏼 let it be genuine 👍

  • Am watching this show since last Ramadan Always love this show❤

  • MashAllah keep growing

  • Bloopers are fun to watch

    • Aur kia kia dekhti

    • @ALLAH is True khahish bht barri paal li hy aap ny

    • Baji i am your big fan. Ap ny mujhy burger khilana hy.ok